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IOL vip revolution by Savaresi M.D.

J3124.1L by Caporossi M.D.

in the range of pliers for coaxial capsulorhexis model of Dr. A. Caporossi J3124.1L, holds the record for having anticipated this new concept in MICS technique.

Model sold in many units from the very early 90s

J3126.8 by Galan M.D.

tools shown in the video:

MICS capsulorhexis forceps J3126.8 to cross action for engraving below <1.8 mm, 11 mm tips. Excellent performance thanks to the control conferred by the new geometry of the tips. On the back are the markers of 5.0 and 6.0 mm useful to control and verify the diameter of the capsulorhexis. It 'a model for the characteristics described in great demand and is now an important tool for all surgeons who perform cataract incisions smaller than <1.8. Alternative requests with system coss action, are represented by the model Inamura, our references: J3126.6 and J3126.7 (11 mm tips)