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DSEK/DSAEK ULTRA-THIN endothelial lenticle inserter

DSEK/DSAEK ULTRA-THIN endothelial lenticle inserter
Macaluso - J3760.2

DSEK/DSAEK endothelial lenticle inserter with sealing and side loading winglet. The system, equipped with sealing plunger, allows to seal the beveled cone where the lenticle is loaded and folded. The loading and folding action inside the cone is performed using the coaxial forceps J3862.23L, also used while inserting the lenticle into the anterior chamber. Compared to conventional inserter guide systems, being the Macaluso an hermetic sealing device, it does not allow passage of air inside the cone. This maintains a stable pressure avoiding collapse of the anterior chamber making the insertion of the lenticle easy.